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DMARC compliance actively protects your domain from email phishing and impersonation attacks.

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Anyone can send emails from your domain.

In most cases, unauthenticated emails aren’t rejected by the server that receives them. Without the right email protection, it’s almost impossible for recipients to tell if that email in their inbox legitimately came from you or not.

DMARC Insight

DMARC Insight

DMARC security reports will interpret, analyse & report back on what’s going on across your entire company’s email domain.

Take Action

Take Action​

We provide detailed advice on specific actions to secure your genuine email-sending sources and block all the fake email being sent.

DMARC Protection

DMARC Protection​

Once DMARC protection is fully deployed, benefit from our continual monitoring of new email sources and any further attacks.

Email can threaten your business

Sendmarc helps protect your staff, your customers, and your brand from email phishing and impersonation attacks – ensuring that only you can send secure email from your domain.

Email can threaten your business-01

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Increase your email deliverability | Sendmarc

Sendmarc fights back

Through a variety of tools, we help you understand who’s sending email from your domain, where the threats lie, and what steps you should take to authorise legitimate email senders.

After turning on active DMARC protection on your domain, illegitimate senders are blocked.

You get full visibility of where the threats lie going forward.

Here's what you get with Sendmarc:


Full visibility of legitimate and unauthorised servers sending email from your domain.

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DMARC Compliance

Ensure that employee communications are sent from authorised channels that are archived and recorded.

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DMARC Security

Unauthorised, intercepted, or changed emails from your domain will be rejected by receiving servers.

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Secure Email Delivery

Increase deliverability, as the receiving server can trust their legitimacy and no longer divert mail to spam.

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Want to test us out? Here’s how it works:

Here's what you get with Sendmarc
1. Setup DMARC
We’ll start by enabling reporting for your domain.
2. Gather Info
Our adaptive machine learning platform gathers feedback from all the servers receiving your mail.
3. Reporting

We generate a report with insights into where your email is being sent from. and the threats you may be exposed to.

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