Active Email

Phishing & Impersonation


Sendmarc automates the process of protecting your domain from email phishing and impersonation attacks. 

Actively protect againts 

Anyone can send email from your domain.

Our tools let you easily understand who is sending email on your domain, where the threats lie, and the steps needed to authorise senders.

By easily being able to identify and authorise legitimate senders, you can keep your brand secure without risking email deliverability.

Sender Security​

The problem with email is that any attacker can spoof your identity by sending a mail from your domain that looks like it’s from you. Using Sendmarc, you can be sure that attackers will not be able to send mail off your domain – only your company, off your infrastructure, will be able to do so.

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Because any mail can be sent off any server, it’s very easy for your staff to send mail from unauthorised channels.

Implementing Sendmarc for your company forces compliance when it comes to email – so your employees won’t be able to send mail from any channel that’s not legitimate.

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Do you know all the legitimate and unauthorised servers sending email from your domain? Without knowing there’s a problem, there’s no way you can solve it. Sendmarc’s platform gives you full visibility of all servers – both legitimate and illegitimate – through reports from the recipients of every mail sent from your domain.

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Email Delivery

How sure are you that your email will always arrive in someone’s inbox?
Is your mail environment set up correctly with protocols like DKIM and SPF?

Even legitimate business emails can land in spam if their mailboxes are not compliant. With Sendmarc in place on your company domain, you can be sure your mail goes straight into your recipient’s inbox, without fail.

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Actively Block 

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