Make sure employee communications are sent from authorised channels that are both archived and recorded.

Because any mail can be sent off any server, it’s very easy for your staff to send mail from unauthorised channels.

For example, a big bank may have a compliance policy that says all staff are required to send mail via Mimecast so that it’s archived, checked for profanities and free of viruses.

However, an employee setting up their own mail on their smartphone could easily use another outgoing server (like Vodacom or Gmail) to send mail. Once this happens, your company mail is no longer secure – and it’s no longer compliant. 

The Mailbox Provider Diagram

Implementing Sendmarc for your company forces compliance when it comes to email – so your employees won’t be able to send mail from any channel that’s not legitimate. When you mark any server as unauthorised, that mail won’t arrive at all if it’s being sent from the wrong place.

Ensure compliance and governance with your employee email with Sendmarc.

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