Sender Security

Here’s the problem with email.

Any attacker can spoof your identity by sending a mail from your domain that looks like it’s from you.

This email could look like it’s coming from your HR department, your finance department, even your CEO – which means that sensitive information (like bank details) can be transferred to a fraudulent recipient.

So how is this happening

Because the Internet was built on a system of trust, the founding principles of the internet make it possible for anyone to send mail from your domain.

The Email Ecosystem

Security Diagram

Currently, you send mail, and it goes out to the internet, through an anti-spam check and to a mail provider.

The problem with this ecosystem is that there’s nothing stopping a spoofer or phisher sending mail off your domain.

So, while in most cases you can protect your own office and employees, what about your customers, your suppliers, and the rest of the world?

Trust is no longer a given.

With the majority of internet fraud in 2019 starting with email*, the global system has evolved where the original trust principles are unfortunately no longer applicable.

As a solution, the email ecosystem now requires a policy like DMARC that makes it impossible for attackers to send email off your domain.

Using Sendmarc, you can be sure that attackers will not be able to send mail off your domain – only your company, off your infrastructure, will be able to do so.

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