Do you know all the legitimate and unauthorised servers sending email from your domain?

Historically, it’s been impossible to keep track of what servers are sending mail on your behalf – unless you’ve kept an audit log. But even when it comes to legitimate servers – such as your billing system, your ticketing system or your ERP software – how do you know that the mail they are sending on your behalf is legitimate?

What’s more, there is no visibility of all the illegitimate servers that could be sending mail off your domain.

Without knowing there’s a problem, there’s no way you can solve it.

With the Sendmarc platform, we give you full visibility of all servers – both legitimate and illegitimate. How? Simple: we get reports from the recipients of every mail they get from your domain. We don’t have to integrate with your mail servers at all – all the receivers of your mail report to us. 

Here’s what your report may look like:

Report Sample

With that, we’re able to identify both legitimate and unauthorised mail, so that you can start taking action if you need to.

Do you want to ensure complete visibility of your mail?

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